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Cams and Timing
Reprinted with permission from
Cam options for the 3.4 DOHC are few and far between. You could possibly have Crower or some other company make a solid billet cam set custom for your motor, but thats going to cost anywhere from $1000-2000. The alternative is to have the stock cams reground for a better profile. Lunati will NOT do them, same goes for Crane. You can try another company (if you find one that will let me know), but I am done as I dont think it is necessary any more for my goals.

The cam profile on a regrind is unknown, as they would need to have the cams first in order to see how far they can go. Because the stock cams are solid, there is little risk to the cam, though you can still weaken the design. That would make a new billet cam desired, but the cost is clearly not its strong point here.

No one has had this done that has shared the infomation yet, so once we have specs and feedback, expect to see more here. The only insight I can provide is based on Desktop Dyno, which show a 20hp increase with just a 10 degree duration increase and stock lift. Obviously they can change the lift as well, but the duration increase is unknown. Also, its Desktop Dyno, so real world results will vary.

Cam Timing

Because the cam gears are not keyed, the options for cam timing are nearly infinite. While this can cause a problem for the novice trying to set the cam timing, it also allows great flexibility for those with more experience. First, I must add that any painted timing marks are to be ignored. To learn more about how to set the cam timing, go here.

Here is a picture of the 91-93 Timing chain cover. Please ignore the spiders, I had to dig around for the cover. You will notice at about 2 o'clock from where the pulley would be that there is a little arrow mark. This is the stock timing mark to set for TDC. The casting line or whatever it may be that this arrow is set on is of particular interest. Though we have no dyno results yet, the initial driving results are favorable enough to discuss. This straight line marks ~13 degrees retarded from the stock timing mark. By setting the exhaust cams for this mark and the intake for the stock mark, a considerable power increase can be noticed on an NA DOHC.

We are working with to have a set of cam hold down tools made that will allow easy setup for this cam timing. Currently, you will have to set the cam flats perfectly flat individually on each bank for the seperate timing. With a set of hold down tools made, you would simply set the cam flats according to the hold down tool to the stock arrow mark.

As always, this page will be updated as more information is made known.


Author: Ben AKA SappySE107

Copyright 2003. All Rights Reserved.