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About Us
We are simply a group of people that have assembled with a common interest in mind, the high-revving 3.4 TDC/DOHC GM motor installed into the midengine Fiero. After posting on Pennock's requesting information, we realized that there was no single location where we could obtain the information without spending a considerable amount of money. Not to mention that there are very specific extra pieces of information that don't seem to come in any installation package. Every vehicle is different and this site is meant to be a central gathering place of the information dedicated to this particular combination.

We will be including information, as it is assembled, concerning different combinations of transmissions, electrical wiring, ECU systems, performance tweaks, modifications, and overall tuning. We hope to inspire those that have the mechanical ability and have our common interest to proceed forward by supplying as much information as we can. We also hope to inspire those that have completed this install and have pertinant information, to share their knowledge with those that are seeking it by becoming an author and submitting a completed article with all supporting information, pictures, dyno sheets, etc... It can come in just about any format as long as it can be edited. has 2 moderators, 85frankenstein and DreXter from Pennock's. We both have complete authoring rights to the site and can be contacted by sending an email to [email protected]. All submissions should also come to the same email address. We are looking forward to supplying a vast amount of information to everyone and truly hope you consider it to be valuable. Please, don't hesitate to contact us with any questions or comments you may have as we value your feedback!


85frankenstein and DreXter






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