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WELCOME Restoration

11/26/2014 To all DOHC Fiero enthusiasts:

I took over this site from my friend Bob Neumann (85frankenstein) in 2008 after he failed to maintain the domain registration and the DOHC Fiero site in general. I had a CD hardcopy of the site code from 2003 that I used to restore it on my server. I have continued to have interest in doing this swap for the past 10 years, and the car on which I have planned to do it finally had its engine die in the fall of 2012.

Due to maintenance on other toys and a troublesome 1992 GTP restoration that was originally intended as training for this project, I have let the site languish. I threw it back online, saw that it rendered and did nothing more with it. After the site was migrated earlier this year to a new server, I didn't test it thoroughly and just discovered yesterday that it didn't work anymore.

So today, I've fixed most of the broken links and images and restored most functionality. I have completed my other higher-priority projects and am finally moving forward with this one, and will be using the site info here to build it while also devoting some more time to improving it as I go along. -David

Summer is just about over!!!

As the Summer draws to a close this Labor Day Weekend, many more projects will soon be underway. There has been great success this year with people fine tuning their rides as well as starting from scratch with this particular combination. As more people attempt to do this, the information grows and processes are tweaked. We will continue to provide you with the info that we can so you can make an educated decision for what will best suit both you and your car. If you have a different method than is posted on a particular subject, or have information that isn't posted yet, PLEASE submit it so we can continue to grow the information store! Your time in documenting would be greatly appreciated by all of our readers!

With Labor Day being this weekend, let me take the time to wish you a very Happy and Safe holiday. Please drive safely and definitely don't drive if you've had a few drinks. It's just not worth it!

We are in need of write-ups in the following areas to help complete the information store: 

Engine Mounting

Dogbone Setups

Throttle Cable Connections

Wiring (anything outside of what has been posted or possibly for more clarity)


Parts Sources (with item number, description, and price)

and anything else that you can think of that hasn't been posted yet. 

What we hope this site will bring is a COMPLETE information store for this swap. I WILL NOT pull ANY information of any sort from any other website without express written permission of the originating author. I'm basically saying that if it isn't your's, don't submit it. Only original write-ups please. We don't want to tick anyone off, just want to help people out in providing as accurate and complete information as we can. If the information has been pulled from another site, it is annotated as such and proper credit is always given to the author. Please submit all articles, pics, etc... to the email link in the navigation bar to the left. 


Bob AKA 85Frankenstein

Become a Contributing Author

Do you have information that we have yet to publish? Is it well documented? Are there photographs of the procedures you outline? If you answered "Yes" to these questions, please submit your article for the archives to help like-minded people find the information they need to do the job. Remember, knowledge is power and we all have to learn from somewhere.


Even though we are trying to be completely helpful, we cannot be held responsible for any damage or harm that may come upon you, your vehicle, or any innocent bystanders as a result of this information. Only you know your limits of skills and knowledge and therefore, only you can be responsible for what you do to your car. This site is for information only.

Copyright � 2003. All Rights Reserved.


Posted - ltlfrari's Idler Pulley setup complete with dimensions for fabrication. Dave took the time to measure everything out very nicely to help make it much easier to either get machined, or DIY. HUGE thanks Dave!!! You can check it out under Mounting.


Posted - Basic engine mounting to the 88 cradle. Check it out under Mounting.


We are currently working on an aftermarket parts list for this motor and ask that anyone having any information specific to this motor and installation drop us a line with the part name, part number, price, and contact information of the vendor that carries it for publication. Just drop us a line here.