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ECM Connector "B" (White)

ECM Connector "B" (White) '91-'93 VIN X 3.4 TDC

Pin Function CKT# Wire Color Component Connector Cavity Codes Affect. Possible Symptoms From Faulty Circuit
B1 SES Light 419 Brown/White Cluster Module None Bulbcheck, No SES Light (1), Light On All The Time, Does Not Flash (2)
B3 Diagnostic / Test 451 White/Black ALDL Connector "B" None No ALDL Data or will not Flash (2)
B5 Serial Data Input / ALDL 461 Orange ALDL Connector "M" None No ALDL Data
B7 TCC Control (A/T) 422 Tan/Black Cluster Module None No TCC, Poor Fuel Economy, Chugging or Surge Condition
B7 Shift Light Control (M/T) 456 Tan/Black Cluster Module None No Shift Light
B8 Buffered Speed Output 389 Dk. Green Cluster Module 24 (3) No VSS Signal, Inoperative Speedometer, Inoperative Cruise Control
B10 Isolated Ignition Feed 439 Pink/Black Bulkhead Connector "C2" 15 Amp Fuse Ignition Switch None No Start


(1) Open Circuit

(2) Grounded Circuit

(3) Open/Grounded Circuit

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