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3.4 DOHC Cruise Control Diagram

3.4 DOHC Cruise Control Connector

Application Position Wire Color CKT Description
  A Gray 397 Cruise control on/of input
  B White 85 Cruise indicator control to C208 (not used)
C C Dark Blue/White 403 Vent control valve
E D Dark Green 389 Vehicle speed sensor
  F Tan 398 Servo position sensor input
Auto Tranny G Brown 86 Cruise brake switch
Manual Tranny G Brown/White 379 Cruise brake switch/cruise clutch cutout clutch anticipate switch disengage input
  H Light Blue/Black 399 Servo position sensor return
  J Black 151 Ground to G101
  K Light Green 402 Vacuum valve control
  L Dark Blue 84 Set/Coast input
  M Gray/Black 87 Resume/Accel input


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