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3.4 DOHC C100 Diagram

3.4 DOHC C100 Bulk Connector

Application Position Wire Color CKT Description
  A2 Gray 120 Switched feed for electric fuel pump
  A3 Pink 3 Ignition switch "ign1" feed to fuse box
  B1 Red 1442 B+ Feed from RS Electrical Center to component center
  B2 Black 150 Ground to G103
Auto Tranny B3 Yellow 5 Ignition switch "start" feed to transaxle position switch
Manual Tranny B3 Purple 6 Clutch switch feed to starter assembly
  C1 Black 151 Ground to G101
  C2 Pink/Black 439 Fused feed to ECM
  C3 Light Green 66 ECM A/C request input from heater and A/C control assembly
  C4 Light Green 24 Backup light feed
  D3 Yellow/Black 68 Low coolant indicator
Gages only D4 White 121 Tachometer input from DIS
  D5 Light Green/Black 275 Input to trunk release switch
Manual Tranny E1 Tan/Black 456 Switched ground for up shift indicator
  E2 Brown 25 Switched ground for charge indicator
  F2 Tan 31 Oil pressure gauge/indicator control
  G2 Dark Green 35 Coolant temp gauge/indicator control
  H3 Brown/White 419 ECM Service Engine Soon indicator
  H4 Dark Green 389 ECM VSS output
  J1 White/Black 451 ECM ALDL diagnostic enable
  J3 Purple 420 Brake switch feed automatic transaxle
  J4 Orange 461 ECM ALDL serial data: input/output
  K1 Red 1443 B+ feed from RS electrical center to fuse block and ignition switch
  k2 Orange 300 Ignition switch "igm3" feed to RS electrical center
  K3 Black 152 Ground to G103
  L1 Red 1440 B+ Feed from RS electrical center to ignition switch/component center/fuse box
  L2 Black 155 Blower ground
  L3 Red 1441 B+ RS electrical center to ignition switch


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