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'96 Cooling Info

I have the engine coolant hoses connected in the car. I tried the lower water pump to tube hose (passenger side) that was for an 87 4cyl Fiero and the hose fit but I had a problem with the hose rubbing against the pulley on the air conditioning compressor. I have the radiator hoses from the 96 DOHC Monte Carlo and thought I'd try to see if I might be able to use either of these and to my amazement, the upper (driver's side, connected to the thermostat housing) was a perfect fit to use on the water pump. It had the right shape and was no problem with the clearance with the compressor pulley. I would highly recommend this hose for the water pump. I had a problem with the thermostat outlet housing that was from the DOHC engine. It was rather long and put the hose connection out where the head is. My problem is that having it this far out puts the hose right up against the exhaust y tube. What I ended up doing was to take the original Fiero 2.8 housing and cut a 3" section out to get rid of the smaller fittings and braze it back on to the base (see picture). This gives me a cap to add coolant because the radiator cap is lower than the engine and the hose fits better with my exhaust. For the hose on the drivers side I used a Fiero 4cyl. outlet hose (drivers side) turned upside down then added a hose section with a 90 degree angle to connect with the thermostat housing.


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