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Mounting To the 88 Cradle

Mounting the TDC/DOHC to the 88 cradle is the easy part. As the pictures below will illustrate, it's pretty much a direct bolt up with no modification needed. The 88 cradle is desirable for many reasons including better design for performance handling. If you're doing this swap and want the 88 cradle anyway, now would be the perfect time to do it before putting the motor in. Yes, they are expensive, but just by looking at the photos as to the ease of installation, it sure would save time, and therefore, money.

Illustrated below is the driver's side mount. As you can see, it's a direct bolt up.

Below is the front view of the passenger side mount and illustrates the crank pulley for reference.

Below illustrates the side view of the passenger side mount, showing the direct bolt up to the cradle.

As you can see by the photos, bolting the TDC/DOHC to the 88 Fiero cradle doesn't get much easier. For this reason, you might want to seriously evaluate the purchase of one if you don't have one already. I also would highly suggest solid cradle mounts and poly bushings/engine mounts for a firm torque transfer.

***** Still Under Construction *****

This article is far from complete as we still need to fabricate a dogbone system to keep the engine/transmission from rocking under torque. We will add to this article as it is updated.


Pictures supplied by: qwikgta

Article written by: 85frankenstein


Copyright 2003. All Rights Reserved.