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Haltech E6K
A little sales fodder to start us off from the Haltech Webpage:

"The HALTECH E6K is a powerful "real-time" programmable fuel injection and ignition system computer designed to control most ignition type engines. Whether 1-6, 8, 10 or 12 cylinders, 1-2 rotors, naturally aspirated, turbocharged or supercharged, the HALTECH E6K can control it.

The E6K System optimizes engine performance through the following capabilities:

  • ignition timing control
  • fuel control
  • idle speed control
  • closed loop

The E6K is much more than a programmable fuel injection computer - it provides logging of engine data and allows access in real time to maximize performance and trouble-shoot problems in a vehicle while running."

With a basic price tag of between $1100.00 and $1200.00, it's not for the weak of heart or wallet, but for those that are willing to part with their hard earned money, this is one of the most affordable, most widely used, most adaptable Aftermarket ECUs available. There are numerous people using this unit and there are forums that exist, specifically on Haltech's website, to help you tune your vehicle using this product. With that kind of support, it makes it much easier for the consumer to get the product they expect.

This page is dedicated to help you wire this unit into your '85 - '88 DOHC Fiero and get it running properly. Please note that each setup is slightly different and will need to be tuned by a professional using a dyno. If using the '84 wiring harness, the instructions will be different as the harness is different altogether. Just for your reference, when you are in the different schematics below, you can click on the connector name and be linked to a diagram of the connector with the proper pinouts. This is critical as it will ensure you have connected the wiring properly the first time.

Wire Merges / Extensions

6 Pin Ignition Module

Injector Harness

TPS, IAC, MAP Connections

Modification to Haltech Unit for DIS Ignition

Article Author: 85frankenstein

Diagrams, wiring info, and technical expertise: Matt Hawkins

Copyright 2003. All Rights Reserved.